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Earn cash for empty Inkjet Cartridges

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How to Recycle your Empty Cartridges

How to recycle Empty Inkjet Cartridges

** 20% Bonus if you choose Credit Payment **

Important Information

Please make sure you check that your empty inkjet cartridges are accepted on our Cartridge List page before sending them off to us, because we have recently been receiving cartridges that cannot be recycled!

We do not Recycle Toner Cartridges

How to return your empty inkjet cartridges:

1) Check that your empty cartridges are accepted on our Cartridge List page.

2) Contact us to receive a Freepost Label.

Adobe Reader is required to open this file, click here to download the latest version of Adobe Reader for free from Adobe's website.

3) Print off and complete the Inkjet Cartridge Recycling Form with your details.

4) Put your cartridges along with the completed Inkjet Cartridge Recycling Form into a padded envelope or jiffy bag and attach the Free-Post label to the front. Alternatively you can use one of the Free-Post recycling bags that you may have received.

5) Take the cartridges to your local Post Office and send them off to us Free of charge using with the Free-Post label.

If you are unable to print off the form then please send your cartridges to the following address:

N&J Inkjet Recycling
Unit 2, 16 Morris Road
Knighton Fields Ind. Est.

You will also need to include a hand written copy all of the details from the form when returning your cartridges this way.

If you wish to return more than 10 cartridges, then please contact us prior to sending the cartridges. Should large batches of cartridges be returned to us without prior arrangement, then we reserve the right to decline to accept them and you will be required to arrange collection.

Payment for Empty Cartridges

Once we have received your empty cartridges we will test them to ensure that they are working ok and providing they pass we then provide you with the relevant funds, either by

Credit: to be used with N&J Inkjet - get a 20% Bonus!

Pay Pal: - paid directly into your Pay Pal account

If the total amount due is less than 1.50 then this will be applied as credit, rather than a payment through Pay Pal. Any total less than 1.50 will still be boosted by 20% before being applied as credit to your account.

Payment by Pay Pal:

We can send the money that you have earnt directly to your Pay Pal account, ready for you to spend online as you wish, or for you to withdraw to your bank account. To be able to use this option you will require a Pay Pal account through which you can accept funds.

Credit with N&J Inkjet - 20% Bonus:

If you choose to receive credit for your empty cartridges to spend on N&J Inkjet, then we will give you a 20% bonus. So for instance, if your cartridges are worth 5.00, we will boost this to 6.00 in credit.

This credit can be used against a range of products such as:

Inkjet Cartridges
Toner Cartridges
Printer Paper
Headphones & Speakers
Memory Cards
Laptop Chargers
Portable Chargers.

How to recycle Empty Inkjet Cartridges

Additional Postage Insurance

The Free Post label that we provide will allow for the cartridges to be returned to us free of charge with the Royal Mail. If you wish for your empty cartridges to be sent on a tracked service, then you can simply pay the additional charge for Royal Mail Recorded Delivery at any Post Office.

If you wish to send your empty cartridges by an alternative tracked service, then please use the following address:

N&J Inkjet Recycling
Unit 2, 16 Morris Road
Knighton Fields Ind. Est.

Terms & Conditions

The Inkjet Cartridge Recycling Form is self-explanatory, but you must make sure that you fill in your Name, Address, Cartridge List and Payment Method including your Pay Pal email address if you choose that method of payment. If you fail to provide any of the required details or if the information provided on the form is illegible or miss-spelt then we will be unable to provide you with the relevant money for the cartridges.

To use the pre-paid label to return the cartridges there is a minimum return quantity of 2 cartridges, should a single cartridge be returned using the pre-paid label then we will not make a payment for it.

All cartridges are tested and inspected once they have been received. We will not pay out for any cartridge that is damaged or fails our tests.

To receive credit to spend on you will first of all require an account, which you can create by going to the following account page. Please ensure that you include the email address associated with your N&J Inkjet account on the Recycling Form to enable us to add the credit to your account.

If the total amount due for your returned cartridges is less than 1.50, then this will be added as a credit to spend on, even if you have requested to receive payment through Pay Pal. Any total less than 1.50 will be boosted by 20% before being added to your account as credit.

If you return cartridges that are not accepted under our Recycling Program then they will be disposed of and no payment will be made.

By returning your empty cartridges to us you are agreeing to the above Terms and Conditions of the return program.

Cartridge Recycling Divide

Cartridge Recycling Divide